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• A £50 Travel Talk voucher to put towards any tour of your choice if your work is published. Use bold highlights in case of long articles that overlook the paragraph look. You retain all rights to your content, but if you decide to publish it on another website, we will have to remove it from our website to avoid duplicate content. Minor changes can be made to your submitted article considering the SEO impact.

The article you write for us should be relevant to our platform. Hence, only write for us on travel, tours, travel destinations, adventure, wanderlust, travel guides and more similar topics. However, kindly check that the topic you are attempting hasn’t been done already. And, make sure that a similar topic isn’t published elsewhere either. Writers are also requested not to include any external links to affiliate websites or ones that promote a product or service available on another website. Get on board with Royals and become a published writer.

Before submitting a post, please be sure to review our terms and conditions. If you would like to work withViaTravelers, you can reach out to info at viatravelers.com with your suggested topics. The article must be 100% original content, not published anywhere before.

Furthermore, this will also present a chance for us to share valuable information and insights about destinations around the world as well as travel tips and guides. If we have already covered the topic or your guest post idea, our team of professional travel writers will be in touch right away to suggest possible tweaks, so you can’t really go wrong. We are looking for volunteers and guest writers from all walks of life (travel bloggers, gap year students, couple travelers, published travel book authors, solo travelers, etc.) to write for us. You are entitled to submit guest posts on any of the above topics. We are, too; all interested people who want to submit their guest posts are required to e-mail us at. Here we have shared some guidelines to submit a guest post at Trend Around Us.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

If your pitch is a good fit, our editorial team will be in touch to let you know we’d like to move forward. We will provide you with a keyword and an outline to create your post around. Please make sure your post fits this keyword and the outline we’ve provided, otherwise, we won’t be able to publish it. Imagery – We require at least 4 photos to accompany each content piece, however we aim for around one image per paragraph. Use photos which you own the right to, or which are able to be shared without copyright.

We welcome guest post contributions to our blog from other bloggers, travel groups and aspiring writers. We broadly cover places, food, people, events and culture of travel. See which of these you can best fit into your travel writing or other creative content and contribute to us. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for us, please read through our submission guidelines before getting in touch. We accept submissions from all over the world, and we’re always looking for new and interesting perspectives. We’re always looking for new and interesting perspectives on travel, whether it’s a destination report, an insider’s guide, or even just a personal account of your latest trip.

Sponsored posts are a great way for up-and-coming companies to gain credible and national exposure instantly. Include at least 3-4 images & image size should be 800px to 450px. If your idea is approved, we will then ask you to complete the article within an agreed deadline. To avoid wasting your time, we ask for a 150-word summary of what you plan to write about. Not everyone is Angelina Jolie, but then it is not mandatory to be world’s top actor to nurture a very niche sense of travelling. A good way to celebrate this beautiful world is to camp, it means to get away far from the madding crowd, to live under the open sky, and taste the adventure of…

[If you want to include commercial links, you must share article on your social media accounts after we publish it. Get on board with Travel Earth and become a published travel writer! Travel Earth, is a digital media publication dedicated solely to the purpose of travel. We are giving you the chance to be a part of this inspiration by relaying your various travel experiences for the world to witness. Topics can be stories, general tours or travel tips and ideas, Travel hacks, lists of top destinations, etc. But if you are looking for a do-follow link back to a business or reaching out on behalf of a client, that’s a sponsored post, and we do NOT publish sponsored posts that aren’t written by us.

Alternatively, you can cover wildlife, local flora, and fauna, changing weather patterns, a city’s skyline, sunrise and sunsets, eclipse, timelapse videos, and much much more. Photojournalism is a form of storytelling that employs images in order to tell a story. It can be a combination of still images, videos, and words. You can simply send us pitch by filling this contact form.

Don’t forget your author bio – Just a couple of sentences about you including where you’re from, where you’ve travelled and any other interesting info. We’re happy to include links to your personal travel blog and social networking sites. Once you have made the requested edits on your document, our editorial team will put the finishing touches and we will inform you once it has been published. Once the guest post has been published, it will be on our website for a long time for readers. Also, we reserve the right to make changes as we think are required to maintain article standards and ensure they are suitable for our website. We will experience growth as more readers will visit our website searching for answers to questions they may have.



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