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Also, please understand we receive around 50 submissions per day so sometimes it took more than enough to respond. For that, you can check your content from online tools before submitting your article. Do not fluff the article for the sake of word count, be as concise as possible. All articles are accepted/rejected based on various factors like the scope of the article, the quality of the article, and relevancy. The article should be easy to understand and should have a conversational tone as if you’re explaining a topic to a colleague. Our readers have basic knowledge and they don’t need lengthy introductions.

I appreciate you sharing the quality collection Websites. Include a brief author bio about yourself and about your profession. Add more research and statistics to your content to make the blog high-quality. You can easily find your related content from google search.

That is why please get familiarized with the recommendations on posts before sending them to us. Please keep in mind that not all articles submitted will be published. The most significant criteria for determining the article’s uniqueness are and quality. Furthermore, each item must be at least 1,500 words long. Also, please note that all articles submitted will not be published. The most important criterion for evaluating the originality article is and quality.

That outbound link should be related to research or statistics. Add more research and statistics in your content to make the article high-quality. The article should be 100% unique, our editorial team checks it, if it will find plagiarized then the article should be rejected.

So, let us see your passion, send us your write-up on one of the above-given topics. So, the Guest Post article must be about one of the topics which we have mentioned above. We always preferred good quality content over quantity. So, if you have exciting and trending ideas, don’t double think. Many applications in today’s technology world provide a variety of cutting-edge features that significantly improve user experience. Always check site owner categories, in which they are accepting guest post.

We are open to sponsored content posting if you wish to improve your online presence. You can put an 1 dofollow backlink to your project in the body of article. Pictures must be sent separately, attached to an email. 8) Photos for articles must be from public collections or must be taken by employees of your company.

We would like to congratulate you on choosing the right website for posting your unique and detailed informative blogs. Being one of the finest guest blogging sites we never compromise with high-quality content and domain authority. At GetWidget, we provide an opportunity to “write for us,” for the individual who is crazy about writing and has great writing skills.

Our primary language is English, but we accept Japanese articles if they are relevant. By submitting this form you agree to the terms of Chetu’s privacy policy. A poorly drafted or SEO optimized blog will lead to get disapproved. It aspires to be your one-stop shop for creating user interfaces and experiences. If your blog has features and advantage types of content, then try to write in bullet points. 6- The article should be 100% unique, our editorial team checks it, if it will find plagiarized then the blog should be rejected.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Articles can be published elsewhere too, we don’t require exclusivity. Bitrise is a trusted site, so publishing on Bitrise helps you build your industry credibility and online presence. Bitrise is excited to introduce the new Repeato Verified Step. Repeato uses computer vision and machine learning to help mobile teams automate robust UI tests — even without coding skills.

We are looking for skilled, creative, and engaging writers with a loud voice to provide original and relevant content in diverse niches. Your articles must be original and free from copyright infringement. They also should not be reproduced anywhere else including your own blog. Imposing rules are to ensuring the quality of the posts and reputation of the blog should remain high. Your each and every post will be featured & published with your intro having a photo and a link back to your website/blog.



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