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They also have an excellent legal advice portal where you can type in your legal question and get answers back within a business day. Good, free legal advice is even more challenging to acquire. We believe that everyone should have the legal knowledge of what they are entitled to and what they can and can’t do to keep out of trouble. The least we can do for fellow human beings is to share the legal knowledge we have. They can register with us and submit their legal blogs directly to our application. The following guidelines must be followed in order for your submitted legal news/blogs to be published on MyAdvo website and/or its distribution medium.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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If you know you’re going to need multiple documents at once or need legal documents created on an ongoing basis then the monthly membership is definitely worth it. Below, I’ll highlight the top features, benefits, use cases, and considerations of each online legal service to help you make the right decision for your needs. The Author of the article must provide a detailed profile bio that may contain only one link to their social media or website. We invite legal professionals to write for us about law, lawyers, or legal technology. Navigate the legal aspects of writing with the help of our experienced lawyers. Digitalet Legal cannot accept articles that have been published, or are due to be published, elsewhere.

The plans give you get unlimited free consultations, 25% discounts on qualified legal fees, and no cancellation fees. Business legal areas that plan members can utilize include contracts, incorporation, partnerships, and intellectual property. That’s in addition to personal coverage in areas like accident and injury, family law, and estate planning. You also get a flat 25% discount on legal services not covered in your contract with your designated law firm. If you need even more help, they can help connect you with an actual lawyer to talk to about your matters. Their helpful lawyer directory allows you to choose the legal topic you want a pro to consult with, along with your state so they can connect you with someone knowledgeable about local laws.

After you’re matched, you have full access to the attorney’s profile and background information. You also have access to user ratings and reviews shared by previous clients, so you can make an educated decision. LegalMatch also provides a complete breakdown of each lawyer’s fee structure.

A well-researched, thoughtful, and in-depth post is welcomed and we ensure that it reaches a significant number of readers. You can cover any law related topic that suits your convenience. We will try to publish your blog post within 2 to 4 hours of submission. Your article will be published under your personal byline. Digitalet Legal is keen to host articles written in the author’s chosen style and from his or her perspective.



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