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DPH is here to accept all the categories like health, tech, education, business, and more. If you are ready to submit the proposal then please submit an email at Images and Videos represent our ideas in an improved form making the content stand out, relevant and engaging. Include one or more high-quality images or videos that go with the content to help readers get a better understanding of your article.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Before you send an article to us, it is better to get the topic approved by us. For a blog exchange, the minimum DA for your website should be atleast 20. The website niche should be educational for us to publish a blog on your website in exchange for publishing your blog on our website. Please note that if you just want to share a link with us that you believe is relevant for Habyts to mention and link to, then please share the link via

Relevant audio, video and images get accepted as long as you own the right to the images or they’re copyright-free. Content from YouTube, Vimeo and SoundCloud are fine. The post must cover detailed insights, views and information about the topic. Usually, the article should be at least 1500 words long.

Once you have written a blog please click the button below. We help students of all ages find their perfect tutor and do everything we can to support success in education. We post blog articles on a wide range of education topics and we’re always keen to find guest posters who can help to create fresh, interesting and useful content. Gyaanarth is a guest posting website for education blogs/guest posting site website for education article that assists students to grab more data related to education. With the increased use of social media, the attention span of readers has drastically reduced, so it is better to avoid any lengthy container blogs. We appreciate your time and efforts and therefore encourage you to write not too lengthy but informative articles.

Ezyschooling is now inviting academicians, bloggers, writers and everyone interested in writing and publishing content on our platform related to our niche. Guest post submission is a very popular and most recommended on-page SEO technique. So, if you want to get some significant ones from the education sector, get ready for some guest posting in the education niche. If you have writing skills, then Delta Pro Hike is a great platform, where you can post the blogs for long term.



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