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You may have examples of health drinks and food products. If you’re a writer interested in health, fitness or nutrition and want to reach our international community of wellness enthusiasts, we´d love to hear from you. Experts bring a working knowledge and experience in a particular area to an article. Experts may include practitioners who have excelled in a specific area or discipline, business consultants, book authors or company/manufacturer in-house experts/resources.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the concept of Fair Use when quoting material and to understand copyright issues in general. Once approved, it will take a few weeks to a month to publish your post. At that time, we will send you the release date and a link to the post. Selene River Press reserves the right to insert links to other posts in the Selene River Press network .

A discussion of how your book differs from others like it. For instance, tell us if it contains specific content not found elsewhere, or if it presents a new or different approach to the topic. If any tables, diagrams, illustrations, or photos will be included, please indicate how many.

Tell us why you’re the most qualified person to write this book. If you have a content idea and that would attract readers? We are always looking to work with SEO Agencies, Brands, and Individual Bloggers to contribute high-quality guest posts. Though we have subject-expert writers for each section now, we are inviting writers who can write on nutrition products. You are free to link to authority quality resources to add value to the article.

If your manuscript will contain art of any kind (photos, charts, graphs, line drawings, etc.), please do not embed it into the text of your manuscript. Rather, save the art in the same application you used to create or store it (Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Freehand, etc.). You will then simply insert a reference to each piece of artwork in the relevant text portion of your manuscript (e.g., “Insert Photo 1 here”).

Don’t let this inner world disrupt your talent just because you cannot find a place to publish your writings. We uplift every individual who has got the talent of writing. Do you see the writing protocols for the SEO content? If so, there is a great opportunity waiting for you. Presently, people are much more interested in nutrition. In every sector, you can find products with nutrition.

Please provide your full name, email and address details. Do not publish elsewhere in future.You agree to not re-publish or submit elsewhere. If you’d like to re-publish anywhere else, such as on your portfolio, please first ask for permission in writing.

We are looking to engage with ethical brands with fantastic products to share with our audience. If you have knowledge or a story to share, please reach out to us. If your submission is accepted you will receive a link to your article by email.

Please send it to the editor email for any inquiries or guest post submission. Please pitch us your content topic first, and if approved, please submit your articles in Microsoft Word format or Google docs. Does writing excite you and does the prospect of putting down your thoughts, words, and expressions from your brain to the keyboard make you happy? Your health-related articles with practical and authentic data will be published here in pursuit of health and well-being. Therefore, if your content is inspiring and guides towards the best possible health outcomes then write for us health, fitness and wellness. Our site provides a space to explore some very new and exciting health-related topics.



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