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However, we do not allow any advertisements — rather, we provide a way for you to add a link or a source. SecureBlitz is an online media publication that covers tips, how-to advice, tutorials, the latest cybersecurity news, security solutions, etc. for cybersecurity enthusiasts. If your article is related to cybersecurity, there is no better website to submit your guest post than SecureBlitz. We give a space for people to produce valuable Cybersecurity content. You may utilize our platform to share your thoughts and ideas with a bigger audience.

We cover several Cybersecurity categories which include Reviews, Tutorials or Guides, Tips & Hacks, Cybercrime Bust , News, Infographics, Interviews, Videos, and lots more. You can provide any social media links if interested in promoting your work through us. CyberGrace is your go-to source of all news related to the tech, computer science, and cyber security industries. We want you to remain up-to-speed on the constantly changing technology trends.

We’re looking for insights on a range of cyber security issues, as well as perspectives on encryption and digital privacy issues. If you fit the bill and would like to write a guest post for us, fill out the form below and pitch us an idea for your article. First, send us an email at , with one or a few topics you can confidently write about. Think of how you are helping our readers and the community protect themselves better from cyber threats with the info you are bringing to the table. Cybersecurity refers to a set of technologies, processes and practices aimed at preventing attack, damage or unauthorized access to networks, devices, programs and data.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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We cannot take a 2”x 2” image and reproduce it to a 4”x 4” without adversely affecting the resolution. Any images submitted to use in article must be at a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Use headings and subheadings that may include phrases or questions. A reader should be able to get a good impression of what the article contains by briefly examining the headings/subheadings of the article.

Users should understand and follow basic data security principles, such as care of email attachments, secure passwords, and data backup. It is especially difficult to implement successful cybersecurity initiatives today, as more devices are accessible than people and more creative attackers. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, we will be glad to encourage your ideas. Avoid links with spammy anchor texts, such as read more, our great product, buy our service, thought leader, best in class – you understand what we mean. Otherwise, we encourage you to reference your content with relevant material, which clearly demonstrates your expertise in the subject matter at hand. You can even create a references section if you like, should your post relate to an actual research thesis for example.

This gives them access to the sensitive information contained in the database. Application security focuses on keeping software and devices free of threats. A compromised application could provide access to the data its designed to protect. Successful security begins in the design stage, well before a program or device is deployed. The more ‘colour’ you can add to an article the better.

AboutSSL accepts guest post on Web Security and Software Security topics. Cyber Security Write for Us is the protection of computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data against malicious attacks. It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security.

Your blog post shall be reviewed by our team to ensure the post suits our blog concept. Bloggers are requested to follow the guideline outlined below to contribute to our blog section. Operational security includes the processes and decisions for handling and protecting data assets. The permissions users have when accessing a network and the procedures that determine how and where data may be stored or shared all fall under this umbrella.


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