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If you are interested in gaming, write for us and enjoy the thrill of gaming and writing together. Dansky describes what type of game writer he wants to work with. Do you have expertise on a topic that you’d love to share with our audience? These are a great way to share your experience and advice with others so that they can start, grow business, and their financial situations. Write For Us to get Expand your outreach, Promote your Business and Products at a high authority website. MuMu Player stays active on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, VK, Cafe, etc., and has a large following.

We’re always looking for new writers to join our freelance pool. If you’re interested in any of the topics that we cover here at The Games Cabin, feel free to drop a pitch for a feature to our editor-in-chief, . Ideally, you’ll be a journalism graduate with fantastic writing skills. If you are a polish player that doesn’t know how to choose the best site with top games, we invite you to checkcasino online plfor an amazing experience. If you publish content for Unigamesity.com, you cannot engage with any other sites or blogs for publishing that content.

If you established your name in this industry, and have good connections then you’re the perfect candidate for this job. Share your short bio with us and what name you would like to be displayed as the author. Thus, for example, among the best-known games in this category are, we find the jump rope, the so-called handkerchief game, the marbles, the spinning top or top, the sack races, or the rubber game. Avoid sending us content with serious grammatical and spelling mistakes. If everything looks good, you’ll be invited to write a trial article . Write the eye-catchy and attractive title and try to limit it to under 60 characters for better SEO.

Internet marketing, email marketing, and content marketing are all examples of marketing strategies. Please note we will not accept links to drug-related, gambling, payday loans, or adult websites. We just have mentioned up some ideas for you above, and you don’t need to strictly consider those.

Thus, the game is going to have to develop every possible option that allows the gamer to feel like they are really controlling a character organically within that world. A flow chart reads much like an extreme version of those old Choose Your Own Adventure books. It sounds interesting, but it’s highly technical with barebones story and character development — just enough to keep it interesting for the gamer. The entire criteria for a guest post in Coldfeargame are to be published on our site may be seen above. Because we get multiple guest post requests every month, it’s understandable that reviewing your guest post might take some time.

It is important that submitted articles should inform and encourage the readers and also create awareness between them. We are consistently receiving several guest posts requests regularly but we are quite strict on selection measures. We allow writers to provide content on a wide range of topics from the Gaming niche.

We are always on the lookout for writers with a passion for games. We’re building a team that we believe are knowledgeable and passionate, but also diverse in their tastes, creating a publication that has something for everyone. There are certain guidelines for guest posting that have to be followed before submitting your samples.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Whether you are a beginner or a professional writer, you are welcome here if you can provide some unique and best content on this niche. To submit an article, please send an email with “Guest Post + Language + Article Title” as the subject and attach your article (.doc format) to Once your article is received, our editors will review/revise it. If the article is approved and successfully published, we will notify you by email.

Content here is updated regularly, equipping you with the freshest information and latest product selections. If we’re currently looking for writers for your preferred games, we’ll email you with more information. Remember, you are not allowed to submit any post to us that you have published somewhere else.



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