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The old empirical-training centres were replaced by agricultural schools throughout Europe and North America. Under Liebig’s continuing influence, academic agriculture came to concentrate on the natural sciences. The challenges of feeding the hungry cannot be met unless the world’s land and water are safeguarded. Agricultural practices in developed and developing countries have led to a severe loss of valuable topsoil, water, and other resources. In many developed countries, poultry production has become a major agricultural industry. Birds are given the same sort of vaccines and hormones used for cattle.

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The type of content we look for must teach our readers something new, with a tremendous Informative. 2USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Conservation Practice Standards are the best available baseline nationally for implementation of these practices. Applying fertilizers in the proper amount, at the right time of year and with the right method can significantly reduce how much fertilizer reaches water bodies. We look forward to hearing from you and will use your feedback to evaluate changes and make improvements to our site. In this section, you can search the wide range of documents, videos, and other resources.

Elsewhere, especially in developing countries that rely heavily on agriculture, agricultural education was expanded through the efforts of both governmental entities and nonprofit organizations. To produce high yields, the new strains required chemical fertilizers, pesticides and irrigation. In many developing countries, independent farmers cannot afford the new technology and big business has taken over agriculture.

It is now used in lakes, ponds, the ocean, and other bodies of water throughout the world. Some forms of aquaculture, such as shrimp farming, have become important industries in many Asian and Latin American countries. Cultures have been breeding animals for centuries—evidence suggests Mongolian nomads were selectively breeding horses in the Bronze Age. Europeans began to practice selective breeding on a large scale beginning in the 18th century. An early example of this is the Leicester sheep, an animal selectively bred in England for its quality meat and long, coarse wool. The first domesticated animals were dogs, which were used for hunting.

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