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Reviews must touch on all of the review criteria, but authors are not restricted to the criteria order or the use of headers (i.e. review written as an itinerary). The subject matter can vary greatly, from local civic issues, national political races to social unrest in a foreign country. Alternatively, you can cover wildlife, local flora, and fauna, changing weather patterns, a city’s skyline, sunrise and sunsets, eclipse, timelapse videos, and much much more.

We only respond to those who send what they are going to write along with at least a draft of the article. For commercial partnerships, please see our advertising information. Additionally, if you see a travel guide on the site that you could improve or expand, let us know how. To avoid wasting your time, we ask for a 150-word summary of what you plan to write about.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Please make sure your post fits this keyword and the outline we’ve provided, otherwise, we won’t be able to publish it. Imagery – We require at least 4 photos to accompany each content piece, however we aim for around one image per paragraph. Use photos which you own the right to, or which are able to be shared without copyright.

We’re looking for travel reviews of cities, festivals, and landmarks around the world as well as other travel related articles. This is your opportunity to be featured on one of the most unique travel recommendation websites around. Our readers want to be introduced to you before they dive into your amazing post, so give them a little bio with some context about who you are and what makes you a destination expert! Feel free to plug your social media, website, or blog in here as well (note that links will be no-follow unless you are forgoing your writer’s fee).

The second way to get your content published on the site is to approach us with your own ideas, simply by emailing us through the Contact page with your pitch. If we like what we see, you’ll usually receive a response from us within 7-10 business days. More awesome stories / posts to share with our readers and friends. Please also send a profile picture of yourself and a short Bio including links to your social profiles and blog. If your pitch is a good fit, our editorial team will be in touch to let you know we’d like to move forward. We will provide you with a keyword and an outline to create your post around.

The blog aspires to be useful to every potential visitor to Corfu and Greece. In a nutshell, we prefer 10 good posts per year rather than thousands of rubbish which, of course, will be rejected. Write either in English or Greek, if appropriate it will be translated and published in English, Greek, and German. Blog posts must be at least 1000 up to 2500 words long, the more the better. Sponsored posts are a great way for up-and-coming companies to gain credible and national exposure instantly.



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