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Restaurants Write for Us Guest Post: Check Detailed Guidelines To Do a Guest Post!


Thus, before proceeding with the critical steps, you must first check the opportunity’s overview from the upcoming passage. If you’re interested in writing for us, you might be in luck. If your work’s top notch, we’ll be more than happy to feature your work on our website and for our audience.

This is where you shift focus away from the restaurant and back to the guest. It’s time for you to share what you provide your customers that no one else does. She spent an idyllic childhood eating grapes off the vines from the family vineyard and learning to cook traditional Sicilian food alongside her mother. But when she was 13, a German Panzer division occupied her village, and her life changed forever…” That’s the beginning of an interesting story.

When submitting, please let us know if your article is for the print or online magazines. We do not print fiction so also provide a “fact check sheet” with names and contact numbers of persons within your article. Please read these guidelines in their entirety to be published successfully with us. Our editorial review process currently takes around 1-2 weeks. Once approved by an Editor, your content will be published on our website and shared with you.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

But, this is not a compulsion as we also consider newbies if they have something to offer that is interesting and informative. Posts that we approve to be published on our page basically deal with challenges and tips for the restaurant industry, or they are interesting case studies. Your post must be something that our readers would find both informative and helpful.

You can use a Maximum of two do-follow links in the content. The articles should be related to restaurants only. You can include one external link within the article as agreed in our terms and conditions. Here we will provide you only interesting content, which you will like very much.

If you’re interested in contributing to Tucson Foodie in any way (let’s get creative!), please submit your request using the form below. Your restaurant’s About Us page is a great opportunity to finish telling the story that your menu and pictures have begun. For some restaurants, they’ll want to focus on the executive chef and their background. For others, they may prefer to share the company history. Whatever the story is, it needs to be engaging and interesting if the potential customer is going to read it. So if you can write a few hundred extra words in an About Us page, it may give your SEO a little boost.



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