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Guest Posts: How to Get High DA Links from Top Blogs

This is an excellent feature because you don’t have to worry about following up with these sites on time. It also allows you to set parameters like the topic and where the website’s HQ is based and list potential people to contact and their email addresses. Others, like A.List, would use the data published in this report and use it as a reference in the reports they publish. As you can see, the author also gave Social Media Examiner another backlink. Just like with creating infographics, publishing original research you’ve conducted is exceptionally tedious. After all, not all businesses have the resources to allocate to do this.


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We got a response rate of 46% and post articles on multiple high DR blogs with thousands of visitors each month. This way, we’ll have a wider range of options to choose from. Below, we share strategies for finding more opportunities for your guest blogging goals when it seems that you’ve exhausted every avenue. Because trying to manipulate search engine rankings is against Google’s guidelines.

Another reason is that list posts are one of the top content formats used in Featured Snippets. Link co-occurrences refer to the words and phrases that come before and after the link anchor text. It’s sometimes called the secondary anchor text because they’re supposed to give more context to the link being included within the article. This refers to the visible words used by sites when adding a link into their content. After all, you’d want to be sure that the traffic your backlink will drive to your website is going to be made of people you can convert into customers.

Informational pages such as a tutorial, for example, would not meet the search intent. Google has sophisticated bots, also called spiders, that scour the entire web and scan all the content of every page. They send this information back to Google, and their algorithms then determine where this content should be placed in search results.

This tells us this is an extremely popular topic – and likely one that has some stiff competition. No matter what technical skill you have with SEO, no matter how well you optimize keywords or read the data – none of it matters unless you create compelling content. They know not to serve people content that’s overly stuffed with matching keywords, or low-authority pages that are nothing more than spam. For example, in 2016, Google announced that pages with obnoxious popup ads might not rank as highly as those offering a better user experience. We know as a writer, you don’t have much sway over the coding aspect of a site, which of course isn’t your responsibility.


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