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Currently, membership is through our private LinkedIn Group. Those with professional experience and amateur writers with examples of published work are eligible for membership and encouraged to apply. A lot of you probably already drink coffee when you write and that is great.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Email: [email protected]

Writer ensures that proper permissions for use have been obtained. Please state how sourced photos should be credited. Writers agree that inclusion and placement of submitted photos remain at the discretion of the Editors.

We want genuine, good-quality articles that will bring value to our audience. These links must not go to spammy sites or sites that are totally unrelated to our niche. The maximum number of backlinks allowed is 1 dofollow link. You will get a Do-follow link with the anchor text and a No-follow link in the author bio.

SEO matters – write catchy titles, include unique images with ALT information, use H2/H3, lists and check your spelling. The coffee beans are roasted in an environmentally friendly way. This coffee tastes particularly mild and aromatic. The beans are made from 100% Arabica and are available in many different varieties with a particularly strong aroma.

And while that is an excellent start…you will probably need to edit it significantly. Independently-owned coffee shops tend to be unique, and often reflect the personality of their proprietors. No matter what style of shop you are running, think about who you are aiming to serve – and use that to inform your slogan.

We want to learn about the entire process; from seed to cup. Therefore, we are always looking to recruit “Coffee Correspondents” from across the globe to contribute articles & keep us up-to-date on the regional coffee trends. It will take approximately two to three business days in order to publish your content and you will be informed after the content has been published. Your post should not read like a press release, a classified ad, or appear lopsided. You should also not use your post as a recruiting tool.

Photography is an important part of telling your story. Alternatively, photos may be sourced from DMOs, CCBs, and businesses. We will cite the name of the business or photographer, as preferred. Please discuss photos with us at the time of your initial query.

We invite writers, thinkers, and leaders to write for Fresh Cup’s audience. Contributors are paid $200 per article, plus an additional rate for original photography. Resh Cup is a storytelling and education hub for the coffee and tea industries. We equip coffee and tea professionals with the skills, insights, and inspiration required to develop a more sustainable and prosperous industry for all.



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