Association of Clinical Excellence (ACE)
ACE was founded in 2015 by two Physical Therapists (PTs), Doug Adams and Ari Kaplan, in response to a growing need in the field of Physical Therapy

Doug Adams and Ari Kaplan started Association of Clinical Excellence (ACE) in early 2015. After years of teaching and mentoring, they realized one of the largest challenges rehabilitation professionals face is translating academic knowledge and experience into tangible application on a daily basis.

Our goal at ACE is to make excellent results possible for all clinicians.  ACE teaches the latest in Physical Therapy knowledge utilizing technology and adult learning concepts to help you get the most out of our courses.

With the upcoming changes in healthcare, bundled payments and Accountable Care Organizations, Physical Therapist and other Rehabilitation Professionals are in a unique position to take on new leadership roles. In our belief, PTs will often be looked at as a leader in this emerging healthcare system. This will require PTs to push themselves to develop new clinical and leadership skills. This cannot be done alone, and ACE was created as place for PTs to gather and grow together.

We invite you to join us in our pursuit of excellence. There is no easy path to excellence, which is why we have created ACE as a trusted guide to be there with you on your journey.